“Jack on the Bone” Options

If there is a food item that can be grilled, then it can be “Jacked” with 100% Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey from the bottle. We have been using this secret formula since 1985.

Here are some of the popular “Jack on the Bone” meat items:


Jack on the Bone RibsFantastic full racks of Meaty St. Louis Side Ribs. Specially prepared with Dave's own secret recipe of 12 herbs and spices that create a unique blend of flavor that is rubbed into each rack. The ribs are, then, smoked for 3 1/2 to 4 hours with a local Sassafras Wood to give it that unparalleled Northeastern Ohio taste. Finally, they are grilled to perfection in Dave's own Original Jack on the Bone BBQ Sauce, an award winning mixture of 36 essential ingredients that has taken more Best Sauce titles across the United States and Canada than we have room to mention.

Roast Pig

Commonly called Pulled Pork, this tantalizing taste starts with only the finest cuts of Pork Butt (shoulder), which are then seasoned and smoked to perfection in our Sassafras smoker. After being slow-roasted, this succulent pork is then taken, pulled by hand and seasoned a second time for flavor perfection, by only him or one of his selected and specially trained Grill Masters.

Wood Roasted Chicken

Whether you choose the quarters or halves, Jack on the Bone is an internationally recognized Grand Champion of chicken. The secret is in Dave's own special rub, created in his kitchen some 40 years ago. The 12 herbs and spices fuse with the sassafras smoke to create a succulent taste sensation that cannot be equaled, whether you choose to have it with or without Jack on the Bone award winning BBQ sauce.

Beef Brisket

A specialty of Jack on the Bone, this cut of beef is seasoned to perfection and than slow roasted in our smoker for 9 to 10 hours. It is hand sliced and then simmers in a marinade of its au jus, as well as some flavorful additions made by Dave, himself. Enjoy this treat for the senses.